Your end-of-term assignments

posted 12 May 2018, 14:37 by Martin Ossikovski   [ updated 13 Jun 2018, 10:44 ]
Dear All,

A reminder: there are four separate assignments which you need to finish to get a final grade:

1) A personal CV (you are free to choose any format you like, mind the guidelines we have discussed in class)
2) A cover letter for a position opening ad of your choice (again, mind the guidelines we have discussed)
3) A multimedia presentation - a re-design of something you have already prepared for another class (in accordance with the guidelines we'll be discussing on Monday next week)
4) An email message - this is the message you'll write when submitting your assignments into my mailbox (please note the guidelines we have discussed, as I shall be evaluating the structure and content of your email messages).

To keep things on track, please note that I need to get all assignments via email not earlier than 10 June and not later than 12 June.

If something bothers you, please email me.