Basics of Communication (2017/18)

Grades published

posted 13 Jun 2018, 10:41 by Martin Ossikovski   [ updated 13 Jun 2018, 10:44 ]

Dear All,

I have been very careful throughout the process, but if you happen to have any doubts, please email me. (I am overloaded with tens of various tasks at the moment, so it may take a while to get reply, but you will get one.)

One final advice: you really, really need to master your CV/cover-letter/email writing skills; believe me, this may (and probably will) be of key importance in your future professional life.

All best wishes, and enjoy the summer,

Your end-of-term assignments

posted 12 May 2018, 14:37 by Martin Ossikovski   [ updated 13 Jun 2018, 10:44 ]

Dear All,

A reminder: there are four separate assignments which you need to finish to get a final grade:

1) A personal CV (you are free to choose any format you like, mind the guidelines we have discussed in class)
2) A cover letter for a position opening ad of your choice (again, mind the guidelines we have discussed)
3) A multimedia presentation - a re-design of something you have already prepared for another class (in accordance with the guidelines we'll be discussing on Monday next week)
4) An email message - this is the message you'll write when submitting your assignments into my mailbox (please note the guidelines we have discussed, as I shall be evaluating the structure and content of your email messages).

To keep things on track, please note that I need to get all assignments via email not earlier than 10 June and not later than 12 June.

If something bothers you, please email me.


Course materials on the way

posted 31 Mar 2018, 08:33 by Martin Ossikovski   [ updated 12 May 2018, 14:26 ]

Dear All,

In your group mailbox (individual mailboxes if you are an Erasmus) you will the online folder links I promised long ago. Inside, you will find various course materials on everything we have discussed in class; I shall be uploading the next portions gradually as we move on with the course in April and May.

Please note you will not be able to download the materials; however, the link will remain active for an indefinite period of time after the end of the course, and you will be able to access all materials for as long as you like.

Please email me at any time if you need help, have questions, etc.

All best wishes for a glorious Easter,

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